My First Interview about The Power of Receiving

I have my first interview on Monday, December 6th at 10:30 AM to talk about my book, The Power of Receiving. Nanci Arvizu will interview me on Page Readers, which is on Blog Talk Radio. Her show is devoted to promoting authors and I am happy she is interviewing me! 

You can listen live and even go to the chat room and ask questions during the interview. Or you can listen later since it will be archived on the Page Reader site.

I will be discussing how I came to write this book and about the ‘Receive and Manifest’ courses that I have been teaching for years. I will also talk about how easy it is to reach your goals by strengthening receptivity.

Most of us are taught that if you want something, you should chase after it. I believe that a strong will is an asset. However when you rely exclusively on your will as your only strategy for attaining your goals, you become exhausted and miss plenty of clues and cues from people and the environment. Multitasking is a perfect example of  an uber-activity that easily leads to depletion. Plus, how can you possibly be aware and receptive to anything while engaged in all of those activities! There are much easier ways to reach your goals, which is really what my book is all about.

I posted the Preface of my book on my website if you want to read it prior to listening to the interview. You can access it here The Power of Receiving Preface

Nanci and I were chatting briefly the other day and she mentioned that her 14-year-old daughter is using some of the exercises from my book and finding them helpful. I was so happy to hear this since I hadn’t really thought about my book as being one that teenagers would like and find useful.

If you tune in, please comment and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them!


3 thoughts on “My First Interview about The Power of Receiving

  1. Yes, very interesting concept. I especially am looking forward to reading more about the monster celebration and get to some of those exercises.

  2. Thanks Judi and Sofia Grace for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. This was a good experience for me — to get some practice being interviewed! My next interview on December 20th will be for an hour and I will be a little more used to it.

    So many people who have read review copies of my book have commented on the Monster Celebration exercise. It seems to be a favorite. I have many fun exercises in my book. One of my favorites is “Send Cinderella to Rehab.”

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