The Power of Receiving

I returned to Arizona a couple of days ago. I thoroughly enjoyed my two-week book tour in the North East where I traveled to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. From TV and radio shows to book signings and lectures, this all has truly been thrilling for me to get my message about the importance and the power of receiving out into the world.

This evening I have been going through some of my old posts from my blog Sand Painting My Life. This is a blog where I have been posting my photographs along with thoughts, ideas and quotes for the last few years.

I was kind of moved to tell you the truth to read a post I wrote February 9, 2008—almost three years ago. I titled it Surrender. Here it is along with the photograph I chose for this posting.

It may be that when we no longer know which way to go we have begun our real journey. Wendell Berry

Sometimes you just have to let go; it’s the sensible thing to do. It’s not the easiest—it’s just the thing that makes the most sense. I am thinking about this, this morning because I am going to go back into my manuscript to re-write some of it. And the truth is, letting go and surrendering to the process of rewrites is not exactly how I had planned on spending my time. But, I know I can make it better and my goal all along has been to write about this subject in a way that will help the reader make the same kinds of phenomenal shifts and changes as those who take my Receive and Manifest course.

Is there something in your life—a project, a person, or an idea that needs you to let go so that you can take the next step?

Today I remind myself that life is not a race.


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