Amazon is limiting sales of The Power of Receiving

I keep waiting for a moment to write in my blog and I am getting that the moment I am waiting for is not arriving. Well, receiving is about accepting, among other things. So, I am just going to write about a few of my recent thoughts and experiences.

The first is about Since The Power of Receiving was released on December 23, 2010 by my publisher Tarcher/Penguin, Amazon has been limiting sales to three copies. I’ve called Amazon several times and have received these explanations:

  • The publisher placed the limit (this is not true)
  • It’s a computer glitch
  • Amazon is conducting a pilot program experimenting with limiting orders

My publisher has called Amazon and also been given odd excuses/reasons.

I discovered recently that the three copies are not a per order amount, but a per lifetime amount! A friend ordered a couple of copies of The Power of Receiving a month ago. She went back to Amazon to order two more to give as gifts and was limited to one copy. When she emailed to find out why, she was told she had already ordered two copies and would only be able to order one more.  Yikes!

If anybody has any information about why Amazon would be doing this, please let me know. In the meantime, if you have already ordered three copies from Amazon (you lifetime limit), you can order from Barnes & Noble If you like my book and feel like writing a review there, please do!

On a totally different note, a member of my writers group, Shelley, vacationed in Costa Rica in January and was walking along a semi-deserted beach where she saw a woman in a beach chair reading my book! What a small world. The woman was nice enough to send back this note with Shelley:

“I have been reading your book and doing the exercises. I find it a wonderful experience! I have read the Hendrix book, Receiving Love, and this was a solid next step for me in finding a balance in my inner and outer world. Many thankful moments going out to you.” Signed, Eliza

And finally, I had a wonderful experience the other day talking about the Receive-principles to a group of students in a Chandler-Gilbert Community College business class about entrepreneurship. The teacher, Arum Chavez, invited me after a student (and my assistant, Stephen) showed him The Power of Receiving.

Well, that’s all for now. If you have read my book, I hope you are being consistent in writing your gratitudes and maintaining a complaint fast.


4 thoughts on “Amazon is limiting sales of The Power of Receiving

  1. Amazon’s excuses sound bizarre and not credible at all. Hope others will report their experience buying from Amazon, because this is a great gift book, and lots of people will want to buy for friends and family.

  2. I am mystified by Amazon’s responses. Thanks for your comment about The Power of Receiving being a great gift book! I heard from someone who wants to buy books for her book club and was prevented from buying from Amazon because she had already bought three copies! It just doesn’t make sense.

  3. Hi Amanda,

    I was searching on the same subject and found your article about it. After doing some more searching around I landed on a an article published in 2009 in Wall Street Journal titled Amid Price War, Three Retailers Begin Rationing Books. it mentions that limit set to prevent other booksellers (my guess is smaller retailers) from buying the books in bulk from them at cheaper prices and then reselling them. The three retailer are Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target.

    Here is the link to WSJ article and it mentions Amazon limit of 3 copies:

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