Amazon stops limiting sales of The Power of Receiving!

I am so happy to report that Amazon has changed the three-copy limit! I was surprised to see this morning that up to 30 copies can now be purchased. The last time I called Amazon, I spoke with a very nice person named Renae. If that was you, Rene, who helped me — thank you! And also thanks to my neighbor Rachel who encouraged me to not give up and to keep calling them.

Here is the link: The Power of Receiving on Amazon My book has received fabulous reviews from six people. If you have already read The Power of Receiving, please consider leaving your own. It really makes a difference. When I am going to order from Amazon, I always read the comments. Don’t you?

And now I am going to write in my gratitude journal and will definitely include my thanks to Amazon, Renae and Rachel!


One thought on “Amazon stops limiting sales of The Power of Receiving!

  1. Glad to hear the limit has been removed.
    I was thinking Amanda, it would be great to have an ‘app’ that allowed you to continue work on receieving ‘on the go. I am thinking that a gratitude journal and some of the exercises would be great. I have not idea how you start an app. Does anyone else?

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