Radio Interview about The Power of Receiving on WomanTalk Live on Talkradio 680 WCBM Baltimore

Today I will be interviewed by Ann Quasman, host of WomanTalk Live on Talkradio 680 WCBM Baltimore on February 26th from 6:07 to 7 PM EST.

The show is also aired live on the web at  so anyone anywhere can listen to it live during the broadcast. Within a week of the show, the podcast available on

I will be discussing The Power of Receiving. Some of the questions I will answer are:

What is the definition of “receive” and what is the difference between a “taker” and a “receiver”?

One of the simplest ways to practice receiving is to know how to receive a compliment. Why is that so hard for people to do?

What advice do you have for people who give to others and receive little or nothing in return?

If you have any questions, ask them here! I will be happy to answer them.


4 thoughts on “Radio Interview about The Power of Receiving on WomanTalk Live on Talkradio 680 WCBM Baltimore

  1. as I read your blog I can still hear my parents tell me and my siblings, “no one deserves anything in this world.” And I wonder… how can your book help someone change a preception like that? thanks.

    • Thank you for your question! This is actually a big subject. I will try to be clear and concise in my answer.

      The definition of receive is to accept willingly.

      The language of self-esteem or of what someone deserves or doesn’t deserve, is outside of the mechanics of receiving. I will often say to people, “Receiving is a skill that can be learned. It is independent of your opinion of yourself. So, you can have low self-esteem and still learn how to receive. But your self-esteem can’t help but go up if you learn how to receive. This is because you will have created a life that is balanced and that in itself leads to greater contentment and happiness.”

      Our culture does not have a vocabulary for receiving. Yet the natural interplay between giving and receiving occurs all of the time. A beautiful symbol for this is the yin/yang symbol that shows the balance between receptivity and activity.

      An example that I use in my book is the relationship between a butterfly and the flower it pollinates. Who is the Giver and who is the Receiver in this example? Both are giving and receiving. The flower’s self-esteem is not what attracts the butterfly :-)

      If we think of giving and receiving as a natural pair—after all, every Giver has a recipient—then it is easy to see that when we give and give and give and never receive, then we are going against what is natural. This is what happens when we multitask ourselves into exhaustion and never refuel (receive).

      This is a very short answer to your excellent question. I describe at length in The Power of Receiving, the mechanics of receiving, I introduce a receive-vocabulary, and I use lots of examples of the amazing results that occurred for those who have taken my ‘Receive and Manifest’ course. These people have created lives where giving and receiving are balanced. And it turns out that when this balance is reached, life gives in a way that feels miraculous.

      • I would like to say in response to Amanda’s reply to Lueez AH, that I was so relieved to hear that “self-esteem….is outside of the mechanics of receiving”. As someone who has read a great many of the self-help/improvement books that came out over the years I have learned a lot. And the books were just that… ways to improve yourself in order to get what you want. And although there is nothing wrong with striving to improve yourself, on the contrary, it’s still nice to know that I can get/manifest what I want by simply following the steps set forth in Amanda’s book…….what a relief!

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