Can You Receive If You Have Low Self-Esteem?

Beliefnet blogger, Edie Weinstein, interviewed me recently. I was particularly struck by one of her questions:

“In your book The Power of Receiving, you speak about the life we ‘want and deserve’ … how do we acknowledge that we deserve what we want when so many of us feel so unworthy of our heart’s desires?”

I love this question. I hear it often and I think this is because many of us are used to seeing our actions through a psychological lens. This leads to one of the most common misconceptions about the act of receiving — that it is difficult to receive if you don’t feel worthy or deserving.

I have come to see the act of receiving as having nothing to do with our opinions of ourselves, just as a flower doesn’t have to have good self-esteem to attract a butterfly. The relationship and flow between activity and receptivity is natural. It is our culture that has taught us that “it is better to give than receive.”

When you think about it, since every giver has a recipient of that giving, why would we always want to be the giver and never the receiver? Both giving and receiving are not only natural states, they are intimately connected.

Step One of my Three Steps to Receiving is ‘Accept All Compliments.’ Many people turn away something as simple as a compliment. They don’t see the line between the refusal to accept a compliment and all of things they want to receive in life.

Even if you have low self-esteem you can still say “thank you” when someone says something nice to you! Saying “thank you” is simply expressing gratitude.

Go here to read the interview: Interview

And here to read a beautiful Kahlil Gibran quote about the relationship between a flower and a bee on my Receive Inspiration blog: Receive Inspiration

One thought on “Can You Receive If You Have Low Self-Esteem?

  1. Glad you liked the interview. I had such fun coming up with questions and hearing your inspiring answers. Since this is a core issue for me as a ‘consummate caregiver’, I love the ideas in the book that challenge to me face my ‘Doubt Monster’ who just wants to be loved and listened to. Thanks for helping me bring her out of the closet, into the light of day and to a fabulous feast/fest.


    Edie <3

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