Stop and Smell the Roses

With so much going on these days, pausing to reflect, assess, and receive may seem impossible. From the weather to the economy to stressful personal or family situations, we can forget to just take a moment and breathe.

I was thinking this morning about how easy it is to get caught up in the events of our lives and ride them like a runaway train. For me, with an increasingly busy schedule and traveling so much—with more to come—I have been thinking a lot about how to maintain my balance and to remain open and receptive in the midst of so much activity.

One of my favorite Receive exercises is to literally stop and smell the roses. I write in my book about how our senses can serve as an entranceway into a relaxed receptive state. When you think about it, isn’t it true that your mind is calm when, for example, you watch a beautiful sunset, smell baking bread, or listen to birds singing? For that moment you are sense-absorbed and your busy mind retreats.

Everybody has there own circumstances and version of why it may seem impossible to take advantage of the opportunities throughout the day to stop and smell the roses.

Today remind yourself to take advantage of those moments. You can do it when you are in the car waiting for the light to turn green, when you are on hold on the phone, or when you are walking your dog.

The beauty and miracle of receiving is that you can do it anytime and everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. Amanda,

    You are 100% right. I am so glad the month of August has come and gone for this year. Thank you for posting the beautiful Rose. I did stop and took a good look at it. I paused for a moment. It brought me back to look at the beauty and love that life has to offer. I am a lost soul and I hope that I will receive the part of me that I am missing. I know I will, I just have to stop and smell the Roses. Keep up your good work.
    I am sorry, I can not make it to Sedona this year.
    I mead you at Vision Center for Spiritual Living on Phoenix.

    Thank you, and God Bless

    David Leal

    • Thank you so much David for taking the time to comment. I am glad that the rose photograph and article has helped you remember to stop and smell the roses. When I am feeling lost, tuning into my senses reminds me to receive all that is beautiful in this world and that it is possible to get through difficult times. Best to you, Amanda

  2. Amanda, this message was timed perfectly. I too am glad august is over (sad). I was hit by Irene. Must be a Neptune/Pluto thing. Feeling no control over anything. Time to smell the roses and just surrender to receive. Despite the damage, good things came out of the hurricane.
    Best wishes for a great retreat. Wish I could be there.

    • I am so sorry to hear about Irene affecting you. But I am glad to hear that something good came out it. It seems personally and collectively that the word ‘change’ has become an intimate part of our vocabulary. It’s more important than ever to take even small moments throughout the day to receive. I like to think of activity and receptivity as a team. When our activities are balanced with receptive moments, I think we are more balanced — emotionally and mentally. Thanks for leaving a comment. I too wish you could attend the retreat in Sedona.

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