“Born To Receive” is Finished!

gratitudeI sent off the final edits to my publisher and now “Born to Receive” is done and will be released March 6, 2014. This morning, I am thinking about all of the people who made it possible for me to finish my book including my early readers and editors, Kathy Papajohn, Jeanne Lombardo, and Judi Bagnato, and my massage therapist, Shiang Chen-Williams, who kept my back in shape through the long hours of writing. I am grateful.

I am going to be posting here about the process of getting a book out into the world as I go through everything from scheduling interviews to arranging book signings and speaking engagements. (My publisher will help me with this for at least a few months.) When a book is done, the promotion part starts. So, it is time for me to leave my writing sanctuary and enter the world again.

If you know of a group, conference, organization, etc. that would be a good fit for my message, let me know. Here is a description of Born To Receive: http://www.amandaowen.com/Born-to-Receive–7-Steps-Women-Can-Take-Today-to-Reclaim-Their-Half-of-the-Universe.html


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