My “Born to Receive” Book Tour Begins

Amanda Owen at Changing Hands BookstoreI began my book tour at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona on March 11th. It had been awhile since I had given a talk, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I be nervous? Would the audience be receptive to my message? 

It turns out that public speaking is like riding a bike. I had a great time talking about the ideas in Born to Receive. As I told the audience: 

  • First I learned that receiving helps you create reciprocity in you relationships.
  • Then I learned that receiving helps you achieve you goals.
  • And now I’ve learned that receiving is a tool of empowerment.

Amanda Owen at Changing hands Bookstore book signing in March 2014

I write about all three of them in my book, and I’ll be talking about them more at the end of the month in the following locations:

In Pennsylvania  where I am the featured speaker for the Women’s Leadership Forum at Rosemont College.

In Washington, DC, where I will give a Born to Receive all-day workshop for women.

In Baltimore where I will give a book signing at Breathe Books.

Check my News and Events page for information.


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