My California Book Tour Trip

Book signing in Mountain View May 24 2014I am a fairly introverted person, but venturing out into the world to spread the word about the benefits of receiving opens me up and turns me into a semi-extrovert.

In late May, I gave three book signings in California and also visited with friends including a classmate from grade school (Hi Steve!), from 8th grade (Hi Judy!), a good friend from when I was in my twenties (Hi Stephanie!), friends from Arizona who are back in California (Hi Mary-Rose and Patrick!), and cousins and their family members (Hi Liz, Matt, Lynda, Jennie,  Jax, Dana, and Dawn!) and a neighbor of my grandma’s (Hi Doris!)

Here is a photo of cousin Dana, her wife Dawn, and me when I stopped at their place on my way from Mountain View to Carmel.

Dawn Dana and me

Here is beautiful Jennie and Jax.

Jennie and Jax








The beautiful thing about talking about receiving, practicing receiving, and  opening up to what the world and people have to give, is that you open up a whole universe that you would otherwise miss out on. Here is Carmel beach at sunset.

Carmel beach

c 8 c 75






I spent time in San Francisco seeing friends and giving a talk and book signing at Books Inc.

Stephanie and Marcus         Me in San Francisco Marcus and Stephanie                                                             Me

Mary_Rose Hayes       the sounds of San Francisco

Mary-Rose                                              The sounds of San Francisco

Talk and book signing at Books Inc in San Francisco           Mia Me and Emery at Luminata Books in Monterey

Me at Books Inc.                             Mia, Emory, and me at Luminata Books in Monterey

One more photo of Carmel beach.

Carmel beach in May 2014








And now back to the book I am currently writing about women and safety. I’ll have more about that in future newsletters. In the meantime, you can read about it here : How To Be Safe

If you would like information about my schedule of events, you can learn more here: Amanda Owen’s Events I’ll be in the Chicago area giving a one-day workshop for Infinity Foundation on July 26th, a talk  for the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers on July 30, and I’ll be in Los Gatos, California on September 14th giving a talk for the Fresh Intuition Women’s Luncheon which will be followed by a writing workshop.

I am looking forward to bringing you more information about my new book. Until later then … I hope to see some of you when I am back on the road.


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