The Power of Less

Clutter free zoneA client recently asked the following question:
Is there a correlation between clutter and being unable to receive? For example my desk ends up cluttered by the end of each week as I get busier and I’m wondering if that would affect my receptive channels? Does clutter stop me from reaching my goals?

Here is my answer:
Clutter clogs. Clutter in your environment or even in your mind prevents energy, ideas, inspiration, feelings, and even people (to name only a few) from getting through to you.

Clutter interferes. Too many belongings in your living space, people who are no longer a match for who you are today, or mental debris that causes you to loop around the same familiar worries and thoughts, can easily lead to stagnation, inertia, and simply feeling stuck.

Clutter distracts. It’s no surprise that many of us fill our living space with objects and fill our days with activities, as we live in a culture that places a high value on accumulation and busyness. Isn’t there always somewhere higher to go, more places and people to see, more things to buy or at least to occupy us? I call this multitasking mayhem.


Do Not LitterIt’s hard to imagine, but until the mid-1960s people regularly threw their trash on the street and no one thought anything of it. Ashtrays emptied onto the road by drivers waiting at a red light or a bag of fast-food leftovers pitched out of a car traveling on the highway didn’t cause a ruckus or even a raised eyebrow from anyone. These days, people encounter not only raised eyebrows, they also receive a fine.

While no one is going to give you a ticket for not picking up your stuff at home or cleaning out your car, littered environments interfere with daily functioning, state of mind and ultimately affect your decisions.

Have you ever said to yourself: “I can’t hear myself think! There’s too much noise, distraction, stuff to step over, too many ideas, thoughts, projects to complete, people to see, places to go” —that’s your cue to reduce clutter.

When you clear out your physical space, you open up your inner space. That spaciousness calms your nervous system, expands your awareness, and allow ideas and energy to flow toward you.

Here is a lovely quote by William Morris to inspire you to clear out clutter: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”


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