July 1st Tele-Class to Support Your Receive Practice

dream receiver

Do you have a goal?
Have you already taken a Receive course or a workshop? Have you read The Power of Receiving or Born to Receive?

To support you with your Receive Practice and help you reach your goals, I am offering a Receive Support Tele-Class

July 1st

4 pm Pacific, 4 pm Arizona, 5 pm Mountain, 6 pm Central, 7 pm Eastern

It’s 1 1/2 hours and costs $35

This support class includes weekly emails throughout July with receive exercises, inspiration, and answers to your questions.

New Receive Tele-Course Starts March 17th

What do you want?

Receive Tele-Course
Starts March 17, 2015
Each class is two hours and runs for three Tuesdays in March and the first two Tuesdays in April
3:00 pm Pacific Time, 4 pm Mountain Time, 5 pm Central Time, 6 pm Eastern Time

Cost $250
More information here: Receive

For the past decade I have been conducting classes and workshops applying the concepts of receiving, which includes specific work on formulating and meeting life goals. The basic premise is this:

A huge connection exists between what you are able to receive and what you actually get.

You may have never thought about receiving as healthy and positive, however the results of not knowing how to receive include the following:

• Emotionally you feel unappreciated.
• Physically you feel exhausted.
• Mentally you feel resentful.
• Spiritually you feel depleted.

It’s like you have a gate that only swings one way and all that you give doesn’t bring anything back to you because the gate doesn’t open toward you – only away from you.

Over the years I have witnessed participants of the Receive course get phenomenal results. This is what the course provides:

1. A Receive Workbook Journal to use during the class and throughout the year.
2. Help in clarifying your goals.
3. Exercises that produce extraordinary results.
4. Personal attention from me to help you take your goal from inception to completion.
5. A support group to cheer you on.
6. Manifestation of your goals (see Testimonials)

Is this course appropriate for you? Ask yourself the following questions:
• Is there something you want that you’re not getting?
• Do you even know what you want?
• Do you feel ready to make a significant change in your life?
• Are you tired of having the same old complaints about situations that never change?
• Could you use a support group to help you stay on course?

Let me know by email if you have questions or would like to participate: amanda@AmandaOwen.com

Amanda Owen is the author of The Power of Receiving and Born to Receive. With a background in social work and a twenty-five year practice as a counselor, Amanda has been presenting lectures and workshops since the mid-eighties.

N.Y. Times best-selling author Christiane Northrup, MD calls Amanda’s power-of-receiving philosophy “brilliant, elegant, profound, and enormously practical,” Maria Shriver calls her work “insightful,” and Elaine Shamos, the Director of The Women’s Health Resource Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center says “Amanda’s presentation skills are outstanding and, most importantly, her message is life-changing.”

More information here: Receive

Join me in Big Sur, California at Esalen May 8 to 10, 2015

Esalen for blog

You Were Born to Receive: 7 Steps to a Life of Energy, Passion, and Purpose

Are you better at giving than receiving? Do you know how to help others get what they want but don’t know what you want? Join me at Esalen in Big Sur, California where I will work with you to help you achieve your goals, reduce stress, and create greater happiness by tapping into your receptive power.

I’ve been researching the benefits of receiving for two decades and am looking forward to leading you through powerful exercises and guiding you through your own personal journey of transformation. Find out more here: Born to Receive: 7 Steps to a Life of Energy, Passion, and Purpose.

Your Next Chapter: What Do You Want?

Your Next Chapter

You may know what other people want and even help them get it. But do you know what you want? Skilled Receivers know what they want because they are able to read people, the environment, and their own feelings to find clues about their next step.

I am going to review the Top 10 Features of Skilled Receivers in this post. But first I want to tell you about my new chapter and my new “Amanda Owen Author” Facebook page, which I hope you will “Like.”

Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/AmandaOwenAuthor

I am currently writing a new book tentatively titled How To Be Safe: What Every Woman Needs to Know to Survive and Thrive in the 21st Century.

My Power of Receiving Facebook page is devoted to information based on my last two books, “The Power of Receiving” and “Born to Receive.” From now on I will be posting mostly on my new FB page, which will include posts about the power and importance of receiving.

It will also include information about my writing process and progress as well as information involving my research for “How To Be Safe.” Plus, I will be posting information about products, technology, and legislation that addresses women’s safety, as well as share information from other people, organizations, and writers.

“Like” my new page if you would to be kept in the loop about my progress, and please share what you know. Tell me about organizations that are helping women.

Thanks, everybody!

And now here is a review of The Top 10 Features of Skilled Receivers

1. Receivers know how to accept a compliment graciously and are genuinely pleased to receive it.

2. Receivers regularly express gratitude.

3. Receivers attention is on the present rather than dwelling on the past or fretting about the future.

4. Receivers are good listeners.

5. Receivers are observant.

6. Receivers define a “good person” as a whole person rather than as someone who places other people’s needs above their own.

7. Receivers do not enable people.

8. Receivers know when to cease activity and listen or ask for guidance.

9. Receivers utilize data in their environment to help them make decisions.

10. Receivers don’t complain.

Follow These 7 Goal-Writing Tips to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

The Power of ReceivingJoin me in Tucson, Arizona where I am giving a workshop “The Power of Receiving: A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your Personal and Professional Goals” on October 12th from 1:30 to 3:30 pm for the Center for Spiritual Living Tucson.

Until then, here are 7 goal-writing tips that will help you achieve your goals:

Most of us have been taught that if you want something, you should go after it. And it’s true that without initiative and activity, you will have a hard time accomplishing much of anything. But have you ever wondered what your goal wants from you?

If you think of your goal as checking you out to see if you are a good fit, it makes sense that being attractive to your goal is just as important as concentrating on what you want.


1. Write Down Only One Goal
The reason that I advise starting with only one goal is so that you can give it your undivided attention. Many, many goals never get enough umph to manifest simply because too little attention is paid to them. If you focus on several goals at the same time, it’s a bit like double-dating. Can you blame a goal for feeling lukewarm about you or wanting to find someone else—someone who will appreciate it and give it lots of attention?

2. Write Down Your Goal in One Sentence
Writing your goal in one sentence forces you to be clear about what you want. People love it when you are concise. Nobody likes to play guessing games or to be held hostage listening to a long rambling list of requests or demands! It’s the same with your goal. So make sure your sentence is specific and concise.

3. Give Your Goal a Time Frame
Deadlines give you something to aim for whether you are training for a marathon, planning a wedding or finishing a work project. A goal is more likely to spring into action when it has ten days to deliver than if it has an unlimited amount of time to get it done.

4. Your Goal Should Be Simple and Specific
The more specific you are, the more your goal has to work with. This is true for any conversation or any relationship. But too much information up front can be a bit arduous for your goal. If you are on a first date, for example, and your date presents a long list of requirements that include specifics about love-making ability, plans for children and salary must-haves, would you think twice about seeing that person again?

5. Don’t Get Hung Up on How Your Goal Is Worded
If it’s not spelled correctly or the grammar is incorrect and you have a double negative in your sentence, don’t worry about it unless your goal is to be an English teacher. Just start the process.

6. Your Goal Should Be Measurable
You need to know when you have actually achieved your goal. For example, if your goal is to get a job, you will know whether you have a job or you don’t. If your goal is to be happy or to feel good, ask yourself how you will know that you have reached your goal.

7. Don’t Limit Yourself
Don’t decide ahead of time that your goal is unrealistic. Write exactly what you want. You are starting a relationship with your goal. You and the goal will work out some of the finer details as you get to know one another.

Once you write your goal down, set it aside. You are now in a relationship with your goal. Be a good partner; be kind and considerate. Listen carefully so that you can receive what your goal is saying to you. What does your goal want from you?

Don’t Be So Available

Create a pathway for those you help to give backA friend told me recently about the miracle that occurred when she stopped being 100% available to her family members. Weeks before, she had complained about their lack of appreciation for all that she did for them.

Stop being so available, I said. Just go about your business. Don’t make a fuss. Don’t announce your intention. Just go on with your day and don’t let their requests and demands interrupt what you are doing – even if you are sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Just because you aren’t doing anything “important,” it doesn’t mean you are available to them.

I have a saying: The only possible match for someone who doesn’t know how to receive is someone who doesn’t know how to give.

When you over-give and over-do, you don’t create reciprocal relationships.

This is what my friend told me about what had happened: “First they were surprised, then they were upset, then they were considerate of me and respectful of my time. Now they ask what they can do for me!”

It will feel unnatural to stop being available when you are used to being on autopilot. But that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you get the relationships you want.

A Writer’s Best Friends: Creativity, Craft, and Connections

typewriterDo you feel vulnerable to cultural pressures that tell you to do more, try harder, and keep going when all you want is a nap and a snack?

Multitasking has become such an entrenched feature of modern living that many people think it is natural to be constantly busy. Our society is filled with stress junkies who are mentally frazzled, emotionally fragile, and physically depleted.

What does this have to do with the topic of writing? Creativity thrives in a receptive environment. That’s why people attend writing retreats, write behind closed doors, or seek out other environments that are free from distractions.

Whether you want to connect with your muse, an agent, a publisher, or an audience, learning how to receive as much as you give will help you. The reason for this is that giving and receiving are a natural team. If you invest in only the giving side of this equation, you will end up feeling drained and uninspired.

Energy goes out when you give, help out, and do. Energy comes in when you receive, take in, absorb, listen, or observe to name only a few receptive states.

Here is a simple way to think about this: Activity = energy out.  Receptivity = energy in.

If you don’t know how to receive, you don’t get what every writer needs: those who can help you.

Your Best Friends

  • Creativity: Your relationship with your muse (inspiration, imagination, ideas, etc.)
  • Craft: Your relationship with your teachers (educators, other writers, articles, books, etc.)
  • Connections: Your relationship with the people who will bring what you have written to readers (agents, publishers, bloggers, other writers, etc.)

Every relationship is a two-way street. How you give to and receive from the ambassadors of these three important areas will help to determine your success as a writer.

Amanda Owen PresentationsI will write more about the link between writing and receptivity in a future blog post. In the meantime, if you are in Arizona or California, join me for my talk and workshop about writing. The first is for the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers on July 30, and the second is for the Fresh Intuition Women’s Book Luncheon talk and writing workshop in Los Gatos, California on September 14.

If you are unable to attend, you can learn more about the benefits of receiving here: The Power of Receiving: A Revolutionary Approach to Giving Yourself the Life You Want and Deserve and Born to Receive: 7 Powerful Steps Women Can Take Today to Reclaim Their Half of the Universe. You can read reviews and access articles on my website.

My California Book Tour Trip

Book signing in Mountain View May 24 2014I am a fairly introverted person, but venturing out into the world to spread the word about the benefits of receiving opens me up and turns me into a semi-extrovert.

In late May, I gave three book signings in California and also visited with friends including a classmate from grade school (Hi Steve!), from 8th grade (Hi Judy!), a good friend from when I was in my twenties (Hi Stephanie!), friends from Arizona who are back in California (Hi Mary-Rose and Patrick!), and cousins and their family members (Hi Liz, Matt, Lynda, Jennie,  Jax, Dana, and Dawn!) and a neighbor of my grandma’s (Hi Doris!)

Here is a photo of cousin Dana, her wife Dawn, and me when I stopped at their place on my way from Mountain View to Carmel.

Dawn Dana and me

Here is beautiful Jennie and Jax.

Jennie and Jax








The beautiful thing about talking about receiving, practicing receiving, and  opening up to what the world and people have to give, is that you open up a whole universe that you would otherwise miss out on. Here is Carmel beach at sunset.

Carmel beach

c 8 c 75






I spent time in San Francisco seeing friends and giving a talk and book signing at Books Inc.

Stephanie and Marcus         Me in San Francisco Marcus and Stephanie                                                             Me

Mary_Rose Hayes       the sounds of San Francisco

Mary-Rose                                              The sounds of San Francisco

Talk and book signing at Books Inc in San Francisco           Mia Me and Emery at Luminata Books in Monterey

Me at Books Inc.                             Mia, Emory, and me at Luminata Books in Monterey

One more photo of Carmel beach.

Carmel beach in May 2014








And now back to the book I am currently writing about women and safety. I’ll have more about that in future newsletters. In the meantime, you can read about it here : How To Be Safe

If you would like information about my schedule of events, you can learn more here: Amanda Owen’s Events I’ll be in the Chicago area giving a one-day workshop for Infinity Foundation on July 26th, a talk  for the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers on July 30, and I’ll be in Los Gatos, California on September 14th giving a talk for the Fresh Intuition Women’s Luncheon which will be followed by a writing workshop.

I am looking forward to bringing you more information about my new book. Until later then … I hope to see some of you when I am back on the road.

Join me in Sedona for the Woman Arising Conference


Join me in beautiful Sedona where I will be presenting a talk for the Woman Arising Conference. I will be joined by meditation expert and Hay House author Sarah McLean, internationally renowned intuitive Colette Baron-Reid, Rev. Paulettte Pipe, Barbara Litrell: former advertising executive with The New York Times and President and Group Publisher of Working Woman and Working Mother Magazines, and other inspiring women during the weekend of May 9 to 10