The Gift of Receiving

Happy Mother's DayAre you more comfortable giving than receiving? For many women, the answer is “yes.” Even though every giver has a receiver – there is a recipient for every act of giving – we are taught to overvalue one and devalue the other. This Mother’s Day, let others give to you. Here are six reasons to receive:

1. Receiving opens your heart, creates connection, and strengthens your relationships.

2. When you receive graciously, you give a gift to the person who has given to you.

3. Show your children that how you receive is just as important as how you give.

4. Healthy relationships are a two-way street: sometimes you are the giver and other times you are the receiver. Today, be the receiver!

5. Receiving causes you to be present and allows you to rejuvenate with positive energy – you FEEL good.

6. Studies have shown that the more open you are to receive, the more you make a positive influence on those you know!

Let people celebrate you and show their appreciation. When you receive as well as give, you are not only healthier in mind, body, and spirit—you give yourself the key that unlocks the door to your goals, hopes and dreams. Happy Mother’s Day!

“Born To Receive” is Finished!

gratitudeI sent off the final edits to my publisher and now “Born to Receive” is done and will be released March 6, 2014. This morning, I am thinking about all of the people who made it possible for me to finish my book including my early readers and editors, Kathy Papajohn, Jeanne Lombardo, and Judi Bagnato, and my massage therapist, Shiang Chen-Williams, who kept my back in shape through the long hours of writing. I am grateful.

I am going to be posting here about the process of getting a book out into the world as I go through everything from scheduling interviews to arranging book signings and speaking engagements. (My publisher will help me with this for at least a few months.) When a book is done, the promotion part starts. So, it is time for me to leave my writing sanctuary and enter the world again.

If you know of a group, conference, organization, etc. that would be a good fit for my message, let me know. Here is a description of Born To Receive:–7-Steps-Women-Can-Take-Today-to-Reclaim-Their-Half-of-the-Universe.html

How Many Receptivities Have You Done Today?

Boy and waterToday, I want to introduce you to a new word: receptivities. This is how I use it in a sentence: “How many receptivities have you done today?”

You are familiar with the word “activity” as being something that you do. In Born to Receive, I divide this word into two categories to help you distinguish between the activities of an active state and the activities of a receptive state.

Think of activities as spending your energy and receptivities as giving you energy. Receptivities are the activities that fill you up, relax you, soothe you, give you breathing room, and calm your nervous system.

An easy way to tell if you are doing an activity or a receptivity is to assess your energy output and input.

Activities = energy output               Receptivities = energy input

Activities = expending energy         Receptivities = receiving energy

If you invest your energy in too much of one of them, you will throw you and your life out of balance. You will experience this in the following ways:

If you do too many activities, you end up feeling burned out, worn out, and exhausted.

If you do too many receptivities, you end up feeling lethargic, unmotivated, and uninterested in anything.

My aim is for you to create a balance between your activities and your receptivities.

What relaxes one person, doesn’t relax another. Create your own receptivities list. What fills you up? Figure out how many activities and receptivities you need each day to feel well. If you find yourself filling up on too many activities, replace some of them with receptivities. You can delegate some of the activities or save them for another day.

Here are some example receptivities:

reading a book, newspaper, or magazine, sleeping, resting, soaking in a bathtub, watching clouds, meditating, doing tai chi, listening to music, spending time in nature, petting your cat or dog, bird-watching, sitting quietly, writing in a gratitude journal, looking at stars, puttering, admiring flowers, watching water: the ocean, river, lake, or a pond

I am looking forward to sharing more ideas about receiving in upcoming posts.

Ask for Help If You Need It and Accept It When It’s Offered

I am editing a chapter in my new book, Born to Receive: 7 Steps Women Can Take Today to Reclaim Their Half of the Universe. I am calling it “Ask for Help If You Need It and Accept It When It’s Offered.”

Many of us are OK with praying and asking God, the Universe, or a Higher Power for help but feel it is undignified to ask a fellow human being for help.

Perhaps we should designate one day of the week as “Ask a Mortal Day” so that we remember that we are all in this together and that being helped is as natural and as important as helping others.

Give Generously and Receive Graciously

A flower does not need to feel good about itself to attract a butterfly, a cell does not have a receptor because it is confident, and a listener can be receptive no matter what she is feeling in that moment.

Receiving the good that comes your way is not dependent upon your opinion of yourself. Don’t create a false barrier. Don’t reject compliments. Give generously and receive graciously.