Three Simple Steps to Beat Holiday Stress

Have you taken advantage of social networking? I think one of the coolest things about it is how easy it is to reconnect with people from your past. Now that my book, The Power of Receiving, is finished and about to be published on December 23rd (Yea!) I have been reaching out using Facebook and Twitter and I am finding a lot of people I used to know.

This led recently to finding some of my high school friends. So during a recent trip out east I had dinner with Mingo, Carolyn, and Cindy. My twin, Wendy, came down from New York to join us. What’s amazing is that even though we hadn’t seen each other for many years, we discovered that we still had the same easy rapport.

Through Facebook I found another high school friend, Vicky Oldham. It turns out she has a terrific site Gateway to Sedona, which has everything you could possible want to know about having a great time in Sedona. That led to my article Three Simple Steps to Beat Holiday Stress being placed there. Here is the beginning of the article (below) and then a link where you can read the rest.

Anyway, I have become a huge advocate of social media both for how easy it is to get the word out about my book and for this unexpected pleasure of rekindling old friendships.  And now…here is the article:

The holidays are around the corner and there will be plenty to do from getting cards in the mail, buying gifts, attending office parties and cooking special meals. That means you will be giving even more of yourself and time than usual. As efficient as you are at multitasking, you may wonder how and why the holidays have become such a hectic time of year for you. Read more here: Three Simple Steps to Beat Holiday Stress


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