Thank you for your appreciation for The Power of Receiving!

I want to thank everybody who is emailing me about their goals, complaint fasts, Monster Celebrations and Cinderella Rehab exercises! And thank you for your wonderful reviews, blog posts, and feedback. I am about to go on a mini book tour and am really looking forward to see many of you in person. (Events are on my site). Ask questions or comment here or on Facebook page and I will try to answer them.


3 thoughts on “Thank you for your appreciation for The Power of Receiving!

  1. I bought your book last week. I received it. I opened it, felt it, absorbed it’s vibration, flicked through it and put it on my bedside table for when it’s the right time for me to read. I liked it straight away, even though I haven’t yet read it. I always have an instant knowledge whether a book is for me or not and when I get that feeling I never read it straight away. I wait for the book to call me over to read it. God I wish I could do the same thing with men!!!

  2. Amanda,
    I am loving the wisdom in The Power of Receiving. Since starting, I have been ‘receiving’ messages and am eager to atttract a new goal.
    My question, can a goal be to create the goal? I want to establish a career goal and it is just not so clear. So,can I ask for it to reveal itself?

    Love the book!!

    • Hello Carol,
      I am glad you asked this question. I am traveling right now so I will be brief. When you are not sure of your goal, a very effective exercise is Send Cinderella to Rehab, which is on page 103 and 104 of The Power of Receiving. Do that exercise and write back to me about what you discover. And we’ll take it from there.

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